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How Archie helped Hedhofis to operate efficiently


About the company

A collaborative space network designed for professionals and businesses, Hedhofis is a coworking company that currently spreads over 5 locations in the greater Montreal area. Since 2008, they have offered flexible solutions adapted to your specific business needs and continue to expand their reach by opening new locations where entrepreneurs and professionals sharing a unique experience can gather in a same community to work together in settings that fosters dialogue and inspiration.


With its dynamic environment that stimulates creativity, productivity and chance encounters, Hedhofis strives to provide its members with a working environment in which their projects can flourish. Therefore, they needed a robust management software that would both support their multi-location business operations and answer to the premium member experience they aim to offer.

Currently proposing 5 strategic locations to best meet the needs of businesses and professionals, the coworking company’s plan is to open the doors of an additional 10 spaces over the course of the next 12 months.

With tailored services and superior customer experience being key elements of their business model, the right management software for the coworking entrepreneurs would provide an excellent user experience and clever and efficient admin tools on the back-end to help them manage their continuously growing multi-location operations.

Essentially, Hedhofis wanted a platform that would facilitate everything from lead management, sending quotes and signing contracts, to invoicing and billing, for all 5 of their existing coworking spaces and for the ones to come.

On the member side, it was imperative that the reservation features also reflected the unique experience of their brand and that members be able to access their membership privileges at any time, anywhere, for any of their locations.

Holding particular importance to the quality of their customer service and a strong sense of community, it was also non-negotiable that the chosen software be equipped with a mobile app providing access to all member services, a dynamic community hub, and a space to promote events.


Archie's intuitive multi-location management software quickly became the best option for the coworking space operator. But, first, it was essential to provide a seamless Quickbooks integration to allow Hedhofis to understand their bookkeeping better. In addition, using pre-authorized bank and credit card payments, Hedhofis could automate their invoicing and billing processes fully and manage their accounting operations

It was also important for Hedhofis to automate the bulk of lead management work, including the forwarding of quotes to potential members and the e-signatures of contracts. Archie helped them automate the entire process, which removed a large portion of the administrative burden, freeing up time to focus on providing the customer experience they aim for.

Archie’s interface also permitted tight control of administrative permissions to limit the staff's access to their respective locations to avoid mistakes or mix-ups and keep each location secure.

Through the use of Archie Mobile, guests are now able to book a space at any time right from their personal mobile app which is connected to all 5 of Hedhofis’ coworking spaces. Furthermore, real-time access to a help desk service is also available right from the app at the leisure of the members. Archie also helped Hedhofis with creating an engaging community hub with extensive community building features where members can gather virtually, share knowledge, organize in-person events, and more.

With Archie, Hedhofis has experienced tremendous success. They are now able to continue to fulfill their mission of providing high-quality services and creating engaging workspaces that foster creativity, productivity, collaboration and the sharing of knowledge.



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