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How Archie helped Landr go hybrid successfully


About the company

Founded in Montreal, LANDR is a creative platform of the future for musicians. The AI-powered music mastering, distribution, plugins, collaboration, promotion and sample packs have helped millions of musicians all around the world since its launch in 2014.

Their mission to give music makers the freedom to create and be heard is made possible by their growing team of left-brained creative technologists, right-brained music professionals and everyone in between. On the other hand, the rapid and continuous growth of the company and its personnel presented some logistic issues as the office became far too small to accommodate the entire team comfortably.


Initially, it was thought that the enterprise would open a new, second location to accommodate the fast-paced growth the company was experiencing, but the proposed plans were quickly halted as the spread of COVID-19 became rampant.

Instead, LANDR decided to shift their energy into transforming its workspace into a remote-first approach that presented some challenges.

The music industry revolutionary needed a room & desk scheduling software to support the needs associated with their tremendous growth and frequent new hires. To leave more time to focus on the critical aspects of the business, LANDR needed a platform that would provide smart automation of daily tasks and seamless integration with their existing workplace systems.

In addition to needing a complete hot desk set up, they also required part of the space to be allocated for private offices for a group of the company’s executives. All whilst ensuring that these changes would not hamper workplace productivity and experience.

With as many new employees periodically entering the office as LANDR has, it was important that the floor plan displayed where other team members were seated to facilitate inter-company collaboration. However, they also needed some health and safety measures put in place in order to comply with the COVID-19 restrictions to keep their staff safe at all times.


Archie understood that LANDR needed a hybrid work strategy that reflected the innovative and futuristic essence of the company and effectively tailored its solution to help them go entirely remote with fluidity.

Our fully-customizable and interactive floor plans answered all of LANDR’s needs regarding labelling workspace neighbourhoods and zones. In addition, our powerful back-end made it easier than ever for them to modify the availability and spacing of different workstations, alleviating some of the burdens of complying with the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions.

Furthermore, the simple navigation of the floor plan alongside our real-time information display helped employees gain full visibility into what rooms, and what employees were available without disturbing any other ongoing meetings or operations.

Combining SSO login options with an effortless integration of their active directory to Archie’s mobile app and desktop dashboard made adding, removing, and adjusting employee rules and permissions secure and simple. Using bilateral communication ensured that any changes be instantly synced and carried out on both sides and allowed for the automation of a large portion of their daily operations.

Once LANDR found success with Archie, they were able to shift their focus back on the important parts of their workday. Since deploying the strategy devised together, LANDR has seen an increase in employee performance and well-being and is looking forward to their continued expansion with the dedicated support of Archie backing them up.



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