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Room scheduling software

A modern conference room scheduling software

Archie makes the room booking process easy for your team to stay productive

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Available everywhere

A cross-platform room scheduling software

Archie's user-friendly room scheduling software is available everywhere so your team can book meeting rooms the way they like, no matter where they are

Archie's room booking platform

An intuitive and powerful enterprise-grade reservation platform

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Archie Rooms

Add display tablets to meeting rooms

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Archie Mobile

Book meeting rooms on the go

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How Archie makes room booking work

Your team will quickly find the meeting rooms that match their tasks and Archie can be set up to cancel bookings if they do not show up

Find a meeting room that fits your needs

Your team can quickly identify which room is available from the Archie mobile app, tablet app or from the web

Bookings are sent to invitees' calendars

Archie lets your team add guests directly from their work email contact list and sends all the invites to them

Check-in to avoid abandoned meetings

In-person or virtual check-in rules can be implemented to avoid no-shows, and cancelling ghost meetings

Get insights about your room usage

Dig into room usage stats to understand how your team uses the office and how you can improve productivity

An enterprise-grade room booking system

Customizable & advanced room booking features

Enjoy a fully customizable room booking system for effortless workplace management

Recurring bookings

Effortlessly manage and automate daily, weekly, and monthly recurring bookings

Private mode

Keep sensitive meetings secure with the privacy control reservation feature

Search rooms

Filter your meeting room search by type, capacity, amenities, and availability

Advanced booking restriction

Quickly create rules and decide how far in advance people can book a space


Optimize your room inventory to match your team's needs

Get daily data on conference room usage and understand the trends

Monitor office presence

Spot over or underused areas

Identify office utilization trends

Monitor the impact of abandoned meetings

A trusted room booking software

Trusted with flex work by 1000+ organizations

Join thousands of satisfied hybrid workspaces powered by Archie

Plenty more room booking features

Packed with tailor-made room scheduling features, to cater to your specific needs

Roles & groups

Create custom rules and permissions to determine who has access to what rooms and when.

Contact tracing

Use backlogged data to determine who may have been exposed to affected employees.


Let assistants or team leaders create bookings on behalf of others without any headaches.


Reduce time spent looking for people and places by live scheduling displays and office maps


Label meeting rooms with equipment, capacity, and furniture so people can filter by their needs.

Health checks

Confirm that visitors and employees are healthy before they show up to a meeting.

Booking dependencies

Set rules for booking dependencies in your workspace and let Archie automate the rest.

Door access control

Choose from our access control system integrations and keep your space secure at all times.

Smart integrations that let you focus on what truly matters

Easily integrate the trusted tools you already use to further streamline room booking operations

Google & Office 365 Calendar Sync
SSO Authentification & SCIM
1000+ Connected Apps
Wifi, Door Access & Printing
Open API
Security & Compliance

Robust security for trouble-free room scheduling operations

Enjoy an unmatched user experience with Archie's highly secure, extensible room booking system.

Data storage and encryption

Archie is hosted on GCP with the best certifications including ISO 27001 and SOC


Reliability is crucial to us and we strive to a 99.9% uptime, as we regularly monitor it

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy states that we will never sell any data, and we will not contact your visitors or employees without explicit permission


We understand the importance of compliance features and are dedicated to providing you them to you for your business strategies

Learn about other Archie features

Desk Booking

Seamless desk booking


Visitor Management

Secure visitor experience


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Archie's management software "book a room" display view with a floor plan
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