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How Archie helped Crew Collective to operate efficiently


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Listed on Forbes’ most beautiful coworking space in the world, Crew Collective & Café is a coworking space located in the former building of the Royal Bank of Canada. Since 2016, the collaborative space offers various services adapted to the social and corporate life of our time. Its facilities include a third wave café open to the public, a private Collective workspace, modern meeting rooms, a venue available for private events, and private Crew Offices.

Crew Collective’s goal is to provide a coworking community with the space and services that people need to bring their productivity to the next level in an inspiring environment.


To provide members with a working environment for their projects to flourish, the Montreal-based collective needed a robust management software that would support the set of specific challenges of their business operations.

Having a space that is open for both public and private use meant they needed a management software that could allow both sides to thrive. This had proven hard to achieve with their previous management platform which created a lot of friction around the reservation of spaces, ultimately resulting in a drop in usage.

The right management platform for the Collective needed to have the feel of luxury expected by its clientele as well as clever and efficient admin tools on the back-end such as automated membership management and the creation of different customer segments controlling permissions for things such as opening hours, receiving credits on reservations, and which space to have access to.

Naturally, they also needed a booking software for their dedicated desks, hot desks, meeting rooms, event spaces, and private offices. The reservation system needed to be operational from their website through either guest checkout or account checkout as well as on a mobile app for frequent users.


With Archie’s intuitive management software, Crew Collective was immediately able to counter the ineffectiveness of the flow of operations created by their previous platform and bring their usage back up.

Revamping the reservation process entirely, Archie created a better checkout process for the collaboration space by offering clients the option of a guest checkout which helped reduce the friction of having to remember login information for one-time or infrequent visitors. Booking spaces both from the website and the mobile app then became a much more simple and pleasant experience for their users. Using our straightforward software, much of their membership management operations were automated, freeing up some of the administrative burdens.

The process of managing the different customer segments and permission was also largely automated and simplified. Given the nature of the business model, a visitor app was necessary.

With Archie Visitors, visitors complete their health check electronically, 24 hours prior to arrival and then check-in using a QR code provided to them by the app or via email to notify their host. Crew Collective & Café, this aspect of the overall solution was a must since a log of all the visitors needed to be kept and updated in real-time.

Since switching to Archie, guests can now experience friction-less booking of spaces at any time, right from their personal mobile app or from Crew’s website. Meanwhile, Crew’s administration was able to shift their focus back on the important parts of their workday and has seen an increase in the usage of their space and customer satisfaction.



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