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Scale your coworking business

Automate billing & administrative operations, make data-driven decisions, & deliver a premium experience with Archie

A coworking space filled with people working and having meetings


Keep your identity intact with our fully branded app, invoices, and more


Let clients book spaces, and manage their accounts more easily


Automate billing and daily admin tasks and focus on what truly matters

An all-in-one coworking space management software

Automate workflows, streamline operations, support your members, and save time to scale up your business with our powerful analytics feature

Archie's flexible workspaces and coworking management software

An intuitive and powerful coworking management software your team will love

Archie's management software "book a room" display view with a floor plan
Archie Rooms

Add display tablets to meeting rooms

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Archie Mobile

Stay connected on the go

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Archie Visitors app

Your front desk visitor registration tablet

Billing & payments management

Automate billing & payments

Archie helps you obtain an error-free, cash-flow management style that is automated to reduce administrative tasks

Automated invoices and payments

Set up your invoicing terms and let Archie automate the process

Accounting software synchronization

Create payment rules and have them instantly synced to Quickbooks or Xero

Failed payment follow-up

Archie instantly alerts you and your clients when a payment doesn't go through

Avoid credit card fees with bank transfers

Activate automated ACH or Direct Debit client payments to decrease your overall bank fees

Customer lifecycle management

Efficient coworking space client lifecycle management

Streamline your customer lifecycle management operations

Automated client management

Automate renewals, price adjustments, signatures, and more to reduce time spent on individual contracts

Frictionless sales processes

Embed our streamlined self-serve e-commerce flow to sell your products and services directly from your website

Reduced churn risks

Identify expiring contracts, visualize churn risk and make data-driven decision on how to reduce it

Analytics reporting

Run reports on your product catalogue to understand core analytics like subscription patterns, LTV, churn, & contract length

Room, desk, and office management

A powerful meeting room, desk, and office scheduling platform

Archie helps you create a fluid room and desk booking experience for your clients

E-commerce flow

Activate e-commerce flows to let clients book directly from your website or purchase the plan they need

Segment-based pricing

Set up a different pricing structure and discounts for members and non-members

Booking credits

Decide how many booking credits your clients receive for rooms, desks, and offices depending on their plans and locations

Door access & calendar integration

Automatically grant door access permissions when a payment is made, and integrate your favorite calendar

Smart integrations that let you focus on what truly matters

Easily connect Archie with the trusted tools your coworking space uses to streamline operations

Accounting softwares
Wifi, door access, & printers
Google & Office 365 calendars
1000 + integration possibilities
Open API
In-building experience

Elevated community experience for your coworking space

Nurture your coworking space community and grow your engagement with Archie

Online member directory

Allow your members to connect easily from wherever they are with the online member's directory

Daily workplace updates

Maintain a workplace newsfeed and keep members engaged and in the know with what is going on with your space

Host & manage events

Plan & promote events hosted in your space on the app and enhance your community experience

In-app messaging

Let users connect in real-time with instant messaging right from the app or the web member portal

Visitor management

A 5-star visitor management experience for guests

A simplified visitor experience for your members and their guests

Simplified office visits

Let your guests enjoy an elegant visitor experience from start to finish

Frictionless visitor processes

Easily add or remove expected guests to the visitor list at the front desk & see exactly who is in and why with the touch of a button

Automated employee notifications

Members get automatically notified as soon as their guest arrives on-site

Secured workspace

Keep a visitor log with their arrival and departure time, and pull out access logs for better control over your workspace


Discover the Archie effect

Read about the organizations that have found success with Archie across the globe


The bureau

Using smart automation features, The Bureau was able to fully automate their invoicing and billing department with pre-authorized SEPA transfers and credit card payments, which removed a large portion of administrative burden, freeing up time for them to focus on their top-tier, premier customer experience.

Learn More


Archie’s interface also permitted tight control of administrative permissions to limit the staff's access to their respective locations to avoid mistakes or mix-ups and keep each location secure.

Learn More


Revamping the reservation process entirely, Archie created a better checkout process for the collaboration space by offering clients the option of a guest checkout which helped reduce the friction of having to remember login information for one-time or infrequent visitors.

Learn More
Security & Compliance

Robust security for trouble-free coworking space management.

Enjoy an unmatched user experience with Archie's highly secure, extensible coworking space management system

Data storage and encryption

Archie is hosted on GCP with the best certifications including ISO 27001 and SOC


Reliability is crucial to us and we strive to a 99.9% uptime, as we regularly monitor it

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy states that we will never sell any data, and we will not contact your visitors or employees without explicit permission.


We understand the importance of compliance features and are dedicated to providing you them to you for your business strategies

A trusted coworking space software

Trusted with flex work by 1000+ organizations

Join the thousands of satisfied flexible spaces powered by Archie


Learn about other Archie features

Billing and Payment

Automated invoicing & payment


Customer Lifecycle Management

360° control on accounts and contracts


Room & Desk Booking

Seamless cross-platform booking flows


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Archie's management software "book a room" display view with a floor plan
Archie Visitor App
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Archie's flexible office management Mobile app display sample view